Following a prolonged period of intense anxiety during my University studies, I was referred to Jana. From the first session I was made to feel comfortable enough to be open about my concerns, not just relating to my studies, but contributing outside factors. Jana took the time to help me unpack these concerns, with tasks each week, with the aim of increasing my confidence and self-belief in all areas.

Since working with Jana, I have made tremendous improvements and will continue to implement the methods taught in her sessions. I am incredibly thankful for her help, and I thoroughly recommend her services.

Davina Q – London

My testimonials

Following years of social and generalised anxiety, I finally got the confidence to ask for help. Anxiety UK put me in touch with Jana and I met with her on a weekly basis for CBT/REBT therapy for a period of 4 months. Prior to our first meeting, I had been a bit sceptical about these types of treatment but Jana’s approach struck a chord with me and completely opened my mind. Jana took time to listen to my problems and then helped me identify realistic goals.

Jana taught me various different strategies to help me deal with my anxiety and helped me apply them to different situations/incidents in my life. Jana was fully prepared for each session, she set me tasks each week to help me reach my goals and provided me with lots of additional reading material and resources. I know my anxiety cannot be cured, but thanks to Jana I know that I am capable of managing it and living a normal life. I will be forever grateful for Jana’s help and guidance she is a true professional and a gifted therapist.

Rebecca K – London

I wanted to explore managing my anxiety through CBT and was put into contact with Jana. Jana really made me feel like I was being listened to through calm and emphatic
understanding. I saw Jana over a six-month period and we discussed some of the strategies that I could use to help me manage my anxiety. I still try and use some of the strategies that we discussed in our sessions and find the notes she gave me very useful in reminding me how to apply these. I feel it is important to have different ways to help me manage my anxiety and being able to call on CBT techniques has been very beneficial. 

Peter T – London

Jana is an effective therapist who provided me with excellent support during a period when I was experiencing high levels of anxiety which was impacting my performance. Jana created a safe non-judgemental zone where I was allowed to explore my thoughts and address my faulty thinking. She introduced me to a wide range of tools to assist me and was open to us working through these tools to find the ones that were most effective for me. Our therapy sessions ended about a month ago and I have accomplished the goal I set in our initial session. Jana is a therapist I would highly recommend.

Kind Regards,

Michelle – London

I came to work with Jana as I had begun to suffer from panic attacks and high levels of anxiety. Working with Jana I was able to better understand the causes and triggers of my anxiety and identify strategies to be able to manage them more effectively. I now feel that my anxiety is much more manageable and does not interfere with my everyday life.

Nick – London

Jana is an absolutely wonderful therapist and I can hand on heart recommend her to anyone who is thinking about starting therapy. When I first started therapy, I was extremely sceptical about how well it would work, something that Jana welcomed. She was open that therapy was not for everyone and that I should give it a try, but that I could stop anytime if it wasn’t working for me. It took a few sessions for us to find the right track to work on, something that is normal for CBT, and Jana always encouraged me to be open about any doubts that I had.

Jana would give me a number of methods to try to help with my anxiety, which I would then attempt and report back as to which was effective and which wasn’t, and she would then build on the methods that worked. Jana always listened to everything I had to say, and I never felt like I was being ignored or that any of my worries were downplayed, something that was extremely welcome and reassuring. Jana’s therapy has really helped my anxiety, and my quality of life has massively improved since I started attending sessions! Needless to say, I am no longer sceptical about if CBT works!

Charlotte – London

I am Dona and I am an Architect working in London. From March this year I had many unexpected changes in my life which led to Anxiety and Panic attacks. I was told that I was on the line to Depression hence I sought for help through Architects Benevolent Society which leased me with Anxiety UK which directed me to Jana Martiskova for one to one therapy sessions. I had never been to a therapist before, so I was pretty nervous but when I met Jana I felt very comfortable and safe.

Her non judgmental attitude and compassion in hearing me made me completely open myself and build a trusted relationship. Through her work and very useful information she shared with me I began to feel more confident and manage my fears quicker than I thought. Jana is a key person on my journey to healing and I am grateful to have met her. I recommend therapy to everyone who wants to get rid of the old and have a fresh insight on life and its endless opportunities and I am thankful to Jana for this.

Dona – London

I had been struggling to deal with anxiety and perfectionism during my final year of study at university. Constant worry and self-doubt about my own ability had led me to fall behind, avoid tutorials and miss important deadlines. Realising that this was unhealthy and impacting my academic performance, I reached out and was introduced to Jana through Anxiety UK.

Jana understood my difficulties and make it clear how CBT/REBT could be of benefit to me. We met weekly over a period of 4 months, during which we explored a number of strategies that helped me to understand and counter my anxious thoughts. I felt comfortable confiding in Jana and she was a great listener, taking the time to address any concerns I had during our sessions. Undertaking CBT/REBT has helped me to get a hold on my anxiety and learn how to better cope with it. I am glad to have worked with Jana as this process was well structured, engaging and informative, helping me to achieve my goal of completing my course. I would highly recommend her to those experiencing similar difficulties.

Robert – London